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"don't knock it if you haven't tried it"

Snow Man

One christmas, my father (who grew up on spam) made a very odd centerpiece for christmas dinner. He took spam, onions, and mayo and chopped it all up, mixed it together until it was thick enough to mold and formed 3 balls of it. He then made a snowman out of it, hat, eyes, nose and all. We all thought it was disgusting but at the end of the night it was gone. I think he ate it all. This also make really great sandwiches.

Leisure Suit Larry Sandwich

Turkey breast.
2 peach slices.
3 cherries.
2 slices of rye bread.

Best served with Cocktails.

Matthew Hewey

Caramilk Bar Sandwich

When I'm hungry, I make this one in a giffy:

2 slices white bread.
Volcano hot salsa.
3 slices fried bacon (using a hot oil).
Caramilk bar.

Assemble and eat.

Zachary Firth

Chocolate and Cheese Sandwiches

Here we go...

Bake fresh "Toll House" cookies (chocolate chip). Refrgerated dough cookies are good, just eat them fresh. Don't use grocery store pre-baked cookies.

Place a thick slice of extra-sharp cheddar cheese between two cookies. Cracker Barrel cheese from the supermarket creates the right sized slice of cheese, but small-batch, artisanal cheddar cheeses would probably be even better. Make sure it is well aged and extra sharp! Make sure cheese is ice cold. Eat. Yum!

(My preference is for chocolate chip cookies with NO NUTS, but some people might like the ones with nuts in them.)

Wheatina and Cottage Cheese

My dad used to enjoy this. Make Wheatina hot cereal. It's a whole wheat cereal. Not available everywhere. Put in a generous scoop of cottage cheese, preferably small curd, more dry than wet. Mix in the cottage cheese.

Related: Dip straight pretzel rods into plain cottage cheese. Same taste, no cooking involved.

My Sandwiches and Pig Brains

When I was little I LOVED mustard, mayonnaise, and salt sandwiches. Two pieces of white bread with mayo, mustard, and salt. Yeah, just how it sounds. I ate them everyday. Now I think itís disgusting!

My great grandmother tells us stories of how they used to kill a hog to put in the freezer. They didnít waste anything. They would take the whole head and stick it in the freezer. Whenever they were in the mood for hog head theyíd take it out and boil it in a huge pot. When it was done they would set it in the middle of the table, crack the skull, and eat the brains with a spoon. YUCK!

Stephanie Newport, QA

Cheezy Sweet Sandwich

I am not sure if you have this one yet, but when I was younger I invented a recipe that I ate in secret every day until my parents caught me, and my brother and sisters all shunned me. I was not allowed to make them anymore because it made them all want to hurl. Now that I am older, and have my own place, I can eat them whenever I want. And to this day, the taste is awesome! If you tried it you would like it...my older sister tried it one day, and now she takes all the credit for making them in the first place. (the nerve..)

2 Slices Bread
Cheese Spread ( I use Cheez Whiz)
jam or marmalade or jelly. whatever you got. Its all good

Spread jam on one slice, and cheese spread on the other. Slap slices together. Eat. Also good with plain ripple chips inside for texture. But I put plain ripple chips in all of my sandwiches. Adds CRUNCH way better than lettuce.


Tim Bits

One of my favorite sandwiches is grilled cheese and ham on raisin bread spread with thousand island dressing. Sounds really gross but it tastes great!

My husband accidently discovered a taste combination he loves by trying to gross out a girl when he was younger. Tim bits (donut holes) with sliced black olives. I have never tried this but he says it is great!

Corena Usher
Kamloops, BC Canada

Snickers & Grits

The grossest recipe I ever created was melting a Snickers candy bar over white hominy grits in the microwave. It actually tastes pretty good!

Chips & Cheese

Since sandwiches seem to be popular here, I'll submit my old favorite. Cut three 1/4" thick slices off a block of Velveeta and arrange them to cover the bread (one slice will probably need to be cut in half or quarters). Liberally squash chocolate chips (milk chocolate is better than semi-sweet) into the Velveeta. Top with another slice of bread and squash again. Other cheeses may be used, but the chips tend to fall out since they don't squash into a hard cheese. Of course, Cheez Whiz is an option (if you like anchovies!) I used to take these sandwiches to school every day for lunch (starting approximately 25 years ago!) and still think they are great!

Brenda Voss

Tomato & PB Sandwhiches!

To make this, all you need to do is spread Peanut Butter onto your two slices of bread, then add a few slices of tomato and enjoy! The liquid from the tomato keeps the peanut butter from sticking in your mouth, and surprisingly the tastes dont clash at all!

Daphne Fines

Burrito Freak

I am a self-proclaimed burrito freak. I eat bean burritos, beef burritos, veggie burritos, egg burritos, bacon burritos, broccoli burritos, etc... You name it, I've stuffed it in a tortilla and tried to consume it. To date, my weirdest burrito and one of my favorites is the sardine & anchovie burrito. That's right, just open a can of sardines and a can of anchovies, drop a few of these little fishies on a tortilla, smother them with hot sauce, cheese, tomatoes and onions, then cook 'em up in the microwave. My roommate thinks I'm insane, but then again, she's a vegetarian.

Lina McBenette

Sweets & Meats

I like to take bologna and put it on a hot dog bun with string cheese and orange marmalade in the middle of the bologna, then micro wave it to melt the cheese a little--about 1 minute. Yum! I also like grape jelly and roast beef sandwhiches. I like grilled cheese sanwhiches, with strawberry jam and ham as the filling. Hamburgers on a plate, no bun, smothered in syrup or honey is good too.

Sylvia Stuart

Hemingway's PB & Onion Sandwich

Well, this recipe is really pretty tame, but I've never run across anyone else who's tried it. The idea isn't even mine - it's mentioned in a Hemingway book (the one about the Keys, I believe). The PB tones down the onion and adds crunch & the onion makes the PB taste sweeter. When served with a cold beer (I prefer Red Stripe or Rolling Rock) it is absolutely perfect.

Make it your own way, but here are a couple of my faves:

- Crunchy Jif w/ chopped white onion wrapped up in a pita,
- Smooth Kroger PB on toasted oat bran bread w/ thin slices of Vidalia, and, to show its flexibility:
- A dab of PB on a Sociable brand cracked w/ a cocktail onion or two!

Glenn in A2

Peanut Butter & Mayonnaise Sandwiches

My son, at age 12, has grown up on Peanut Butter & Mayonnaise Sandwiches. It is a very simple recipe. It was handed down from my mother, who grew up in Virginia. My son learned how to make it himself when he was 4 years old, after his father refused to make if for him. His father said, "No one eats that gross stuff." I explained to the old man that peanut butter and mayonnaise is considered gourmet food. Come to think of it, the old man tried one once, when there was nothing else in the house to eat and has never had one since then.

The Recipe:

2 Slices of bread {rye, wheat, white, makes no difference}
peanut butter on one slice of bread
mayonnaise on other slice of bread
Quanity is optional.
Much better served with large glass of cold milk and potato chips.

Ginny Schneider

Meat paste and Nose Killer

Take your favorite kind of crackers, spread the hottest horseradish you can find on them, then cover with liverwurst. Great for breakfast!


Continental Sandwich (from my brother-in-law)

Take some white radishes and slice them up. Put a thick coat of sour cream on a slice of bread, stick the radish slices in the sour cream, and cover with a second slice of bread. Add chocolate chips, lettuce or whatever else you want! Yummmm..



I packed my boyfriend's lunch one day but when I asked him what he would want for lunch, he answered, "Surprise me!" So I made him two of my favorite sandwiches. To prepare it you:

1. Fry an egg and break the yoke.
2. Flip the egg, pile on two slices of cheese, and let cheese melt.
3. Toast two slices of bread and paint toast generously with creamy peanut butter.
4. Slap it together and WAHALLA you have a delicious hot sandwich that really sticks to your ribs. I call it Mary's Surprise.

All my boyfriend's pals at work teased him unmercifully for telling me to surprise him, but he thoroughly enjoyed the sandwich anyway. But, he has never asked me to surprise him again!!

Mary Watt

Peanut Butter Duo

Well, I have 2 recipes:

Make sure you use organic peanut butter (pure, no oil or sugar added).

1. For those of you who like peanut butter but are not in the mood for sweets, try a peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich, with sliced tomatoes, salted, on whole wheat bread... Mmmmm!

2. From my hippy, dippy days...peanut butter on cabbage leaf, wrapped around a carrot stick... I know, I know, but it was all we had in the kitchen when we had the HONGRIEEES...

The Vege Gourmet

Ya gotta LOVE liver!

I've been eating this since I was a kid growing up in the Fox River Valley. My mom and my aunt used to make these for us on Sunday nights before we went to the evening church service. I liked it then, and I like it now. My older brother reminded me just a few weeks ago how good it is.

Take a slice of bread (white or wheat). Spread it with mayo or miracle whip. Squirt on a little yellow mustard. Use softened liver sausage or braunschwager and spread it on the bread. Add a slice of onion. Put on a slice of American cheese.

Now put it in the broiler or the toaster oven until the cheese is melted and ready to run off the sides.

Slide it on a plate and ENJOY!

Ya gotta LOVE liver sausage to like this one!

Jeff Goll

Aunt Betsy's Best Peanut Butter Sandwich

one slice whole wheat bread
two tablespoons creamy peanut butter
four medium-size anchovies or sardines
one more slice whole wheat bread
Make a sandwich!

Mayonnaise Maniac

Personally, my favorite snack food is a toasted Mayonnaise sandwich. Yes, that's right. A slice of bread covered in Mayonnaise and toasted to perfection. Mmmm... I eat it almost every day.

Herny Jacks

Anchovies at Last

I am Japanese and living in America. Consequently, I don't have as many choices when it comes to fish. Usually, I wind up eating a bowl of rice with canned anchovies and plain yogurt. My husband thinks this is crazy, but I rather enjoy it. One more thing, I used to think the idea of eating yogurt with rice was crazy! I couldn't imagine doing it. That seemed like one of the most horrible combinations of food imaginable. However, now that I have tried a lot of Middle Eastern cuisine, I've come to love yogurt and rice.

Sachi Yamada

Mango Delight

One of my favorite quickies is a mango sandwich. Just peal a fresh mango and slice it thinly. Then take two pieces of whole wheat bread, add the mango, sliced onions, tomato, French's mustard and a dash of lemon juice! Mmmmm... good.

Max Berns

Ketchupped Egg

This recipe was designed by my father-in-law and has been passed down to my husband and now our daughter. Personally, I don't touch the stuff!

You start by frying four sausage patties and four pieces of bacon. Toast four pieces of bread and butter them generously. Next fry four eggs "over medium".

Stack the toast and cut into bite size pieces. Dice the sausage and crumble the bacon. Cut in eggs to this mixture and add salt, pepper, ketchup and worchestershire sauce.

Bon appetite!

Donna Pool

Giant Snails

If you are in the mood of something really different, try the most exotic meat on earth: the AMAZON WATER SNAILS.

At the center of the world: Ecuador, the Amazon water snails have been an important part of the local Indians diet, since it is rich in digestible proteins, low in fat, high in amino acids and minerals and it is easily digestible.

Also, this exotic meat has aphrodisiac propriety; it's taste and texture are very similar to that of an octopus.

I personally recommend two species:

* Giant Amazon water snail (Ampularia spp): the snail is the size of a human hand, with a weight of up to 250 grams when alive. The shell has a color that varies from white to brown, which is very appealing to the eye.

* Normal Amazon water snail (Pomacea spp.): the snail reaches a size of up to 3 inches, with a weight of up to 120 grams when alive. The shell has a color that varies from yellow to brown.

In both species the whole body except its viscera is eaten. The meat has a light yellow color to a brown color, except when it reaches the reproductory stage, when the meat turns dark brown.

Hot Sauce Junky

I am a hot sauce junky! I am literally addicted to anything SPICY! One of my favorite snacks is a hot pepper and cream cheese sandwich. This may sound insane, but it's a vital part of my diet. Just take two slices of bread, cover them with cream cheese, then add onions and jalapeno nacho rings! Watch out, it's addictive.

Steven Hoffman

Peanut Butter Coffee

My mom and dad knew this person that, when he got up in the morning, would drink a cup of coffee and put about 2 lbs. of REAL BUTTER in it. Each morning!


No directions needed, I don't guess.


Twisted Taste Buds!

Have you ever had an onion bagel with cheese? How about one topped with relish? Yes, I eat this. Not many people I know would eat this, but I guess I have twisted taste buds!

Tom Deibel

Banana Bonanza

Sliced bananas in hot tomato soup is delicious! Even better with crackers.


Endorphin Salsa

I love hot food, I mean REALLY hot food, please note that I have built up quite a resistance to peppers in general. You should Consider this a warning, donít try this at home! (unless you are nuts like me!)

I call this Endorphin Salsa. The second best part is watching your friends freak when they eat it. (The first is the endorphin rush when YOU eat it!)

The proportions are quite variable but I usually use
5 to 7 habenero peppers
One large white onion
A generous bunch of cilantro
A Lime

!WARNING! ALLWAYS use gloves to clean peppers ESPECALLY habenero peppers. One touch of the fingers to the eyes or mucous membranes will cause a great deal of squealing and moaning, BE SAFE (of course you are going to EAT this - grin).

Clean the peppers of their seeds leaving as much if the ribs & whites as possible (itís where the heat is, if your a wimp cut them out.) I donít like the taste of the seeds.

Finely dice the peppers onions and cilantro and mix in about a half a limeís worth of juice. I use a food processor

Eat on anything (I use a spoon or a tortilla chip) itís really great on brats!

Just FYI Cheese or sour cream cuts the heat if it gets too intense!

Daniel (Yes I really eat this) Staples

Daughter Dip

My daughter read a few of your recipes, then looked up and informed me that her best friend always dips her pepperoni pizza in ranch salad dressing.


My ex-boyfriend loved to gross me out while I was pregnant. When I had morning sickness the worst, and the mere thought of food had me running for the bathroom, he would cook grilled velveeta cheese, peanut butter, mayonaise, and maple syrup sandwiches. The SMELL of that cooking was soooo bad!

Seaweed Pizza

I am a big fan of seaweed pizza. Just take a pizza crust, sprinkle some olive oil on top, then add garlic, mozzarella cheese, seaweed and various types of sea food. I love shrimp, scallops, and squid. Also, onions and artichoke hearts go well with seaweed.

Naomi Kokubo

That Peanut Butter Thing

When I was a kid I used to like to make lettuce, tomato and cheese sandwiches with peanut butter and Mayo. I actually had baby-sitters who would refuse to let me, claiming that I then would not eat it.

While I still like the original, here is the adult variation I actually tasted in a restaurant and have loved ever since. A normal bacon cheeseburger type thing with a generous portion of peanut butter (creamy). It is WAY WAY yummy, I promise.



My daughter is in Japan and informs that there is a favorite dish called "natto". I'm not sure of the spelling. Supposedly, it makes Lutefisk seem tame, smells like sewage, and tastes worse.

15 Pounds of Bologna?

When I was a kid we were really poor. The government would give out caches of food to poor folks in our small midwestern town. The staples of this were:

One huge bag of rice
One gigantic leg of solid bologna (15 lbs?)
One equally enormous chunk of cheese

My mother developed a new dish out of this, called, you guessed it, "rice, bologna, and cheese"

Here is how you make it:

Chop up the cheese into little chunks
Chop up the bologna in to little elongated chunks
combine the above with equal amount of white rice.

It's terrible.

My sister loves it, and makes it to this day, but claims it never turns out right, because you need the REALLY cheap cheese.

Jason, Seattle

D.P.'s Sick Selections

1. The Super Sick Sandwich = Bread (doesn't matter what kind), peanut butter, jam (I prefer strawberry), marshmallows, raisins, salami, pinch of salt with tiny bit of lemon juice, don't forget the mayo!! Put everything together and make a sandwich. Yummy, don't ya' think?

2. Skippy M. Barf = My mom's fave sandwich is peanut butter and avacado. How to make it: toast the bread, spread peanut butter on bread, slice avacado, put it on the p.b., close sandwich, enjoy!

3. Bob-jorj Tekler = One of my fave snacks is raw mushrooms dipped in chocolate sauce. Try it.

D.P. Swankus

Cherry Jelly Chips

My sister, Christina, eats cherry jelly on sour cream & onion chips. She says it's delicious, but personally, I think it's sickening!

Diana Brown
Altus Arkansas

Fish & Peanut Butter Sandwiches

I have always loved peanut butter. I got my start on weird sandwiches from my older sister. She was a creative genius! She tried peanut butter with everything from tomatoes to fish.

I am usually not that wild. I like things like honey or bananas better. But one of my favorites is peanut butter with jelly and cream cheese! MMMMMM!!!!

Some of these things may sound strange, but don't knock 'em 'till ya tried 'em!

Mouth wateringly,
Ross Family


This is an easy but really good recipe. All you do is take a dinner roll and just load it with ketchup. It tastes really good. I am a ketchup freak, and I'll eat anything with ketchup... even cucumbers.

Here are a few more ketchup combinations: ketchup with mashed potatoes; ketchup with grilled cheese; and (my fave) ketchup and vanilla ice cream.

Try them!


Take a little knob of butter, heat in a pan, add about the same amount of flour to make a roux, thin with milk and then cook it hard to burst the flour granules and make a paste. Add garlic, worchestershire sauce, english mustard, pepper, and a touch of white wine. Thin the paste again to the consistency of a thick milkshake using cream, and throw in some chopped peppers and sliced mushrooms. Any peppers will do, hot or boring. Now you can fire in any kind of cooked meat you like and heat through. All you do is make lots of toasties and pig out big time, WARNING - Very likely to make you fat.

Trailer Park Trash Cuisine

My wife and I sit out in our lawn chairs and water the grass from the chairs. While we are being lazy, we listen to country music and we eat Fritos Original mashed into pieces of a very sharp, store generic, cheddar cheese and I drink a very expensive cab and my wife has a $16.00 bottle of chard wine. Remember...you must eat and drink it all at once...DEEEEELICIOUS! Trailer park trash cuisine with a twist of Yuppy! Steve Daugherty.

Tea Time

When I was little, at supertime, my daddy used to put almost a pint of vanilla icecream in his tea! I can remember him saying, "It all gets mixed up in your stomach anyways." I don't think you need any directions on how to fix this!

Juliette Brown of Altus, Arkansas
on top of Pond Creek Mtn.

Fried Potato Pizza

Okay, my dad and sister are going to make a Fried Potato Pizza. They think it's going to be delicious, but I sure don't.

In case somebody would like to try it, here's the recipe:

one Boboli pizza crust,
one can of pizza sauce,
one package of mozarella cheese,
one small skillet of already fried potatos,
one package of peperoni,
and a large baking sheet.
First put on the pizza sauce, how ever much you like.
Then some fried potatoes.
Layer some cheese and peperoni on too, and some more potatos.

Eat and hope you'll enjoy. YUCKY!

Diana Brown
On top of Pond Creek Mtn.

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