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Dishwasher Lasagna

This is a fun little recipe that I tried with the kids and we all loved it. The food tastes great, there isn't a lot of clean up, and the unique way of cooking it kept us all very entertained.

* jar of your favourite pasta sauce
* 3 fresh lasagna pasta sheets (or 'oven-ready' lasagna sheets)
* 16.8 oz container of Ricotta cheese
* package of mixed grated cheese
* 1 cup freshly chopped spinach
* Spices
* Extra thick aluminum foil

Cut three large pieces of aluminum foil and lie them flat. Begin to layer lasagna ingredients starting with a lasagna noodle, then a thick layer of pasta sauce, followed by thick layer of the ricotta cheese and chopped spinach. Top it with the grated cheese and spices to taste. Repeat layers and top with final lasagna sheet. I liked the idea of cutting the final lasagna sheet into strips and creating a criss cross pattern on top. Wrap the lasagna tightly and carefully with all three sheets of aluminum foil. Place on bottom rack in your dishwasher and select the regular cycle. I used the 'heated dry' and 'sanitize' options as suggested to get the most heat I could. Once the cycle is complete, pull the lasagna out and enjoy!

You can read the full article at dishwasher lasagna.

Thanks for allowing me to share my story and keep up the great work with your interesting site!


Crunchy Logs

My mom and I LOVE crunchy peanut butter spread on salami, then rolled up into a log. Nobody else ever eats it with us, but we actually got it from a recipe book! By the way, crunchy peanut butter is the only way to go with this recipe. Great source of protein too!!!

Great website!!!

Donnelle Fuller

Dad's Eggs

My Dad makes this eggs with fish in them.To me they where nasty but you might like them!

1 make eggs (cook half way, runny)
2 get fried fish cut up and add to eggs
3 eat ( add some hot crunched peppers for taste or butter)

8 Wild Recipes I Love

1 -Simplest Receipt For a breakfast drink. (It has a taste! ...That will be a surprise!)

- Water

Heat to boiling, and sip from a plastic cup, so as to not burn your lips.

2 -Ritz Crackers and Coffee: (a little soggy, a little crunchy, and a different flavor)

- Ritz Crackers
- Butter or margarine
- Coffee

Spread butter on crackers. Top with another cracker. Make a bunch of these. Stack and soak and sink in coffee, (coffee with sugar and cream), don't let crackers get too soggy. Repeat above until coffee is all gone. The texture is so important, it's all timing!

3 -Italian Bread Cereal: (My Mom's receipt, for when we had no cereal)

- Italian bread
- Milk (warm)
- Sugar

Break bread in 1" chunks in a bowl, top with warm milk and sugar. Doesn't taste like you'd think!

4 - Pickles-Crackers-&-Cheese: (a nifty flavor synergy)

- Kraft Cracker Barrel extra sharp cheddar cheese
- Ritz Crackers
- Polish pickles

Take a little bite of each, mush up in your mouth, continue the balancing process, you'll know when you've dialed in the mix right! Continue!

5 - Apples and popcorn: (another synergy of flavors).

- Macintosh apple
- popcorn

Take a bite of each and mush up in your mouth. You'll know when the balance is right. Again, synergy, the taste is wholly different from the two.

6 - Bologna, Lettuce, Ketchup sandwich: (An unusual flavor.)

- Bologna, (or spiced ham)
- Iceberg lettuce
- Ketchup
- White sliced bread

Make a sandwich of the above using ketchup as the condiment. (I wonder why I don't do this more often?)

7 - Coffee Dunked Sandwich: (Much better than the sandwich alone!)

- Coffee with milk and sugar
- Bologna (or spiced ham)
- Sliced White Bread
- Mayonnaise

Make a simple sandwich and dunk in coffee, really different & good, way better than the simple sandwich would be!

8 - Cake & Milk: (this always grossed out my father in law)

- Cake
- Milk

Put a big slice of cake in a cereal bowl. Pour milk over the top. You want a moist cake? ... this will do it!

Mike Can*.

Tomato Worms

I've been ordering live tomato worms and live hissing cockroaches for a college tour that my company is conducting right now. We're a sunglass company in Florida that is very popular among college students in the Southeast. We've had students eat these critters for free sunglasses.

I'm now looking for some other live critters to order, spiders, grasshoppers, stink beetles, etc. Would you know of a company that sells these live insects? I'd also be interested in raw bull balls (if they're safe to eat).

Thank you for your help.

Laurie Driggs

School Rice Mix

1) school oreintal rice
2) school gravy
3) school sweet and sour sauce
4) school soy sauce

Put all three sauces on rice, mix and eat! It is really good, but kids who see me eating it look at me funny and go eww!

Butter Beans

When I was a little girl my favorite sandwich was butterbean. My mother said people at school would laugh at me but it is so good it was worth it. Cook big speckled butter beans the night before. Mix them with chili sause to make a paste. Place this between two pieces of white bread. It is delicious. Also my grand daughter loves to put mustard on two pieces of white bread and fill it with potatoe chips. OH NO!

Always Lola

Triple Decker P&M

I loved your website and was both pleased and amazed to find several mentions of my favorite sandwich, peanut butter and mayonnaise. As was mentioned by a couple of your contributors, my mother used to make this treat for me. I was almost dumbfounded a couple of years ago when my neighbor Greg, across the street asked me If I'd ever tried peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches. He was equally stunned when I replied that they were one of my favorites. His wife, Marie now thinks that there are two deranged people in the neighborhood. Keep up the good work!

T.S. Bolton

Elvis Cookies

There were a few recipes that were all variations of the southern Mayo & Peanut Butter craze that Elvis brought to light with his banana, mayo and peanut butter sandwiches. Some of the origins were quite outrageous, but there was a noticeable theme to them which seemed to be financially motivated......for instance...."That's all we had in the house."

As a chef, I am constantly given a huge quantity of a leftover and told to use it up, somehow. Probably how sweet potato pie started!! I'm given at least one case of browning bananas each day. (With which I make what I call....Elvis Cookies!) And honestly, the odd parings tend to give me ideas. Especially when YOUR authors say.... it sounds gross but it's GOOD! That's a red flag for me! Something must be right!

Thanks again,

PS. You must be a good cook yourself, cause you spelled gormet wrong.....a dead giveaway!.....all really good cooks can't spell!

Zeffer Sandwich

I have a favorite that the family refuses to let me eat around them. I don't know why it is great. Here it is:

You put leftover liver and onions on a whole wheat bread slice and then add leftover baked beans. You top this off with a good hickory smoke flavored BBQ sauce and finish it off with Miracle Whip. Next add the second slice of bread for some really good eats.


Triple Butter

Here's my twist on the ever popular Peanut butter sandwich -- The Triple Butter! Any kind of bread (I like 7-grain) spread on both slices with plain old butter, peanut butter, and apple butter. Watch the apple butter, it can squirt when you bite!

I've also been known to dredge slices of cheese through the granulated sugar canister when I wanted a snack. (this isn't on any diet I've ever heard of).

And finally, how widespread is the notion of putting the french fries ON the hamburger? (slightly undercooked fries that is). This oddity I've actually found in two different restaurants, in two different cities (Pittsburgh and Washington, DC). It actually is good!

Marcia Ross

Beer Float

A friend of mine made me one, and it was really good!

Any beer (except for dark kinds) and a scoop of vanilla ice cream!


It sort of tastes like any ice cream drink, but with a hops undertaste, not a rum one.


Butter and Jelly

My father told me stories of finding butter in the jelly jar from my nanny making her famous Jelly and Butter sandwiches. He thought they were gross, but I tried one, and they're great! The recipe is simple:

2 pieces of white bread.
Spread butter on one peice of bread and jelly on the other.

Please give this recipe a try. Believe me, it`s great! I eat them all the time. Tell me how you like it!

Kiddie Special

Some years ago, when our kiddies were all very young, PB & J's had lost their luster and appeal, due in large part to their overexposure!! (there were 4 kiddies in all). So I quickly came up with a shining "new" star in the PB firmament!! Desperation is the "Mother of invention"!! Anyway, the new sandwich is very simple: make your regular PB & J using the gorpiest peanut butter, and the goopiest jam/jelly that you can find! When the sandwich is made (using soft, white bread, of course), set it aside while you crack a couple of eggs into a bowl and beat (the eggs, not the bowl)! Next, put a small frying pan onto the stove and preheat. When the pan is hot, add a nice amount of butter or margarine (butter tastes best!), then dredge the sandwich through the beaten egg mixture letting the excess egg drip off. Finally, gently (so as not to splatter the hot butter!) place the sandwich in the sizzling butter and cook just long enough for the sandwich to brown beautifully on both sides!!! Cut in halves or quarters for the little ones, and I'll bet you that the whole sandwich never makes it to the table!! It's probably going to be on the menu in Heaven, it's that good!!!!!

Something in the way of drinks that sounds kooky but tastes great is the old "Laverne & Shirley" standby! Yep!! Pepsi with milk! You can mix it any way that suits your fancy, more milk and less Pepsi, or vice/versa!! It tastes just like a soda!! That is, a Soda Fountain soda!

Well, it looks like I'll have to save my daughter's special "squeezed and microwaved" bread for another time. It's worth waiting for!!!!!


Camping Concoction

I was camping about 10 yrs ago & ran out of everything but peanut butter & tuna fish.

Spread some PB on a saltine, top w/ a sporkfull of raw tuna... delicious! Try the Tuna PB sandwich too!

We also made Spamcakes one morning but that's another story.

Matt Boone

1 potato

Get 1 potato and worm it up in the mecrowafe then get some colslaw theres my meal.

by laura wilkes and jade

hancock and kirsty rutter aged 7

p.s with some juicce

Peanut Butter Bagels

The best topping for a toasted onion bagel, preferably egg & onion, is peanut butter. If the peanut butter is out on right away and has the proper fat content, it will melt into the bagel creating a creamy medley of tastes. Fresh bagels are best but frozen will suffice.


American Cheese S'mores

Well, I guess I'm not that strange in my eating habits--my brother is one of those people who uses about a gallon of ketchup on everything. But I eat a few things my family looks twice at. When I was little and staying at my grandparents' house, every morning my gramma would make French toast, and my grampa and me put light Karo syrup on it. Also, when we had extra mashed potatoes gramma made potato pancakes and grampa and me would eat them with table sugar. (I still eat these.) I like to make s'mores with cinnamon graham crackers, dark chocolate bars, burnt marshmallows and a slice of American cheese, and a great snack is just a graham cracker with cheese on it, and some chocolate if you want something sweet. My family thinks I'm nuts because I eat baking chocolate plain, but my absolute favorite dessert is called pandan cuchinta. You take half a cup of cooked white rice and half a cup of rice that's been soaked in hot water, a fourth a cup of brown sugar, a fourth a teaspoon of baking soda, and a third cup of milk and grind it up in a food processor to a fine paste. Then add one or two teaspoons of pandan extract (it's like vanilla) and green fod coloring, and spoon it into little custard cups, steam it for 15 minutes, and chill. I eat it reheated with coconut, sesame seeds, and milk or ice cream.

Tuna Salad

Hi! This recipe sharing is a great idea! I have a strange food combination that, for some reason, pleases my body. Start with a simple tuna salad. I make mine with chopped up hard-boiled egg (optional), chopped dill, chopped green onion, chopped celery and add a bit of salt, garlic powder, paprika and mayo. Then, spread honey on rye toast. Eat the toast with the tuna, or alternate between a bite of tuna and a bite of the toast. I can't explain why honey with tuna makes any sense, it just tastes good to me and I've been eating it this way for 30 years. Thanks.


Bread and Milk

As a child, my Grandmother would make me bread and milk if I was sick and not in the mood for eating. I still eat it to this day if I feel under the weather or could do with a light snack. This is a super recipe for children who do not want to eat!


Two slices of fresh white bread with crusts.
One cup of fresh milk.


Take two slices of fresh bread (not too thick) and cut them into squares (about 2cm X 2cm). Place squares into a large glass. Slowly pour fresh milk (chilled) over bread cubes until covered. Eat immediately or bread becomes too soggy. To be eaten with a long handled teaspoon.


The Ketchup Dip

Here is my recipe. I like cook up some eggs and dip them in ktechup....mmmm yummy. It sounds strange, but it is very good.


Alright, this is THE BEST sandwich EVER.
Especially with the WORST case of the MUNCHIES!

Two pieces of bread, preferably the hamburger kind.
One with peanut butter on it, the other with mayo.
Put on 2 pieces of thinly sliced velveeta.
Then smash some chocolate chips on there.
Get some little STRAWBERRY JELLO bits on top of that.
Then a piece of bolonie.
Slap on some cold spaghettios.


Careful, it gets a little messy!

Peanut Butter Freak

I am a peanut butter freak, and here is what I usually eat:

Peanut butter, pickles, and salami on white bread!

Sounds yummy! :-)

Peanut Butter & Mustard Sandwich

When I was in high school, my friend ate for lunch everyday a peanut butter and mustard sandwich. (Lots of both!) Her one rule was that we couldn't call it disgusting until we had tried it. Needless to say, we all did.


P Butter Favs

Some of my favorite peanutbutter sandwiches:
pbutter & dillpickles
pbutter & sweet onions
pbutter & creamcheese
pbutter & bologna

yum-yum eat hardy & enjoy

OJ & Coke

People think this is strange, and I'll admit that it looks and sounds gross, but in Germany they love this and it really is great. Just mix equal portions of orange juice with cola in a glass, and enjoy!

Another weird but good snack is peanut butter and Miracle Whip on a cracker with a bread-n-butter pickle slice on top. Also makes a good sandwich!

- Jeff Carlisle

Old McDonald had a Sandwich

My favorite sandwich. Nobody else likes it, and most don't like me for a while after I've eaten it:

Two slices of Roman Meal Bread.
Coat them both thickly with Miracle Whip.
Add a half inch slice of onion, I prefer red, but any will do.
Close it up and eat.

Goes well with tomato soup.

A roll of Certs won't restore your breath.

Don M. McDonald
Web Design
Corporate Communications Technology

Peanut Gross Out

My favorite way to gross out my kids is to make a peanut butter sandwich and then depending on my mood add the following ingredients:

2 Slices of bread, sliced pickles and Miracle whip -or-
2 slices of bread, sliced pickles and fried bacon. YUM-YUM!!

Mama Bear
Somewhere in Washington

Gerber Grossness but Goodness

Ok, so my mother used to make this for me as a toddler because I did not like any vegetables or dairy products, so she made up some pretty interesting and seemingly gross combinations....but I can tell u one thing, no matter how gross it may sound or look, everyone I have prepared these 2 dishes for have absolutley loved them!....trust me.

Ok, so this one consists of Gerber baby food chicken and stars. I belive this one comes in a microwavable container and is for toddlers. Gerber stage 2 creamed spinach. 3.5 teaspoons of sour cream. A pinch of salt. And a dash of garlic powder.

First you heat the chicken and stars in the microwave or on the stovetop, until it is warm. Next, remove from heat, stir in the whole jar of Gerber creamed spinache...mix well....then add the sour cream....salt and garlic powder to taste. The end result looks like vomit but its so freakin good I eat it till this day and my 2 kids and friends love it as well.

Next we have an unusual form of mashed potatoes, but damm it's good!

2 cups mashed potatoes homemade (not those gross instant one) and they should be made with milk
1 small tomatoe
3 to 4 teaspoons sour cream
1 or 2 cooked hot dogs or small piece of polish keilbasa
1 small kibry cucumber
Salt and garlic powder to taste

Ok, so first you take the potatoes once there mashed and you take your tomatoe. You grate the tomato on a cheese grater but use the side with the smallest holes so u only get the pure and not strips of tomatoe, then you also grate the cucumber, mix the tomatoe and cucumber into the mashed potatoes. Then add the sour cream and mix again. Then you slice the hot dogs into small pieces or the keilbasa and add it in. Stir everything together and add salt and garlic powder to taste. Yummmmmmo. Trust me, try it and you'll be in heaven!

Kat from NYC

Pretty Tame but Nasty to Many

Ok so I decided to send in a couple of sandwich recipes which are pretty darn delectable.

Toe Jam: first off, this sandwich only tastes good with 2 types of cheese, at least that's my opinion. Ok, 2 slices of honey wheat bread slightly toasted, 2 slices of either white American or sharp cheddar cheese. 1 tablespoon of Welches strawberry jelly... and make sure its jelly not jam. Put 'em all together sand voila perfection on a plate.

And last but not least... This one is best if you use a fresh challah roll or an onion roll. You'll also need 2 table spoons of babaganoosh.. that's this roasted eggplant salad made with mayo and stuff. I don't know how to make it, but it comes in a container at the supermarket. Although I'm sure you can find the recipe online if you wanted to make it yourself. Anyway, then you need some sliced hickory ham or prosciutto ham.....slap it all on the roll and enjoy.

Ummmmm soooooo good.

Kat from NYC

Crusty Spongy

My favorite sandwich since childhood is very creamy peanut butter spread on crusty/spongy fresh bread with extra aged yellow cheddar cheese, hard salami and green pepper.

Heavenly Fried Potatoes

I named this Heavenly Fried Potatoes because it is the best this side of heaven. My husband makes these, and I can't wait for them to get done.

First you start frying potatoes, and when they are almost done, you add some chopped onions and green peppers. When your potatoes, onions and peppers are fried you take two slices of bread and break them up and add them to the potato mixture. Then you take three eggs and scramble them with two tablespoons of milk, and you add this to your potato mixture and stir till the eggs are cooked. Then you pile your plate full with the potato mixture and top with ketchup. Now you dive in and enjoy the next best thing to heaven.


Chip Freak

Every day my friend put her bag of chips (potato, Doritos, Fridos, Cheetos, any kind!) on her (tuna, PB&J, ham, cheese, or whatever!) sandwich. It grosses us all out, but she says it's really good.

I like to drink milk, water, vanilla, salt, and molases all blended togerther. I also like anything with corn meal and molases both in it. I also like a lot of other foods people think are sick.


Middle Eastern Goodies

This is an actual Middle Eastern dish that's very easy to make. It may sound wierd at first - but try it, and you'll get addicted just like I was.

White rice (Basmati or Persian)
A handful of mint leaves
Dried apricots
Pine nuts
Olive oil

Cook the rice (per the directions on the package). Chop the mint leaves and the dried apricots. Mix them into the rice (after it cools down). Fry pine nuts in olive oil lightly, add to the rice. Add more olive oil, salt, white pepper, etc.



This is the coolest desert in the world!!!
First put on plate, one large piece of chocolate cake.
put on top off that , whip cream
put on top of that , a cookie of your choice
on top of that , vanilla ice cream
on top of that , sprinkles
on top of that , another cookie
on top of that , spread more vanilla ice cream on cookie
on top of that , jell-o
on top of that , lots n lots of whip cream
on top of that , gummie bears




Elvis' & Kevin's Fatty Favorites

The Grilled Peanut-butter and banana sandwich: I believe it was one of Elvis' favorites.

Also, take a generic salami sandwich and put a Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip cookie on top before covering with the second piece of bread.

Also, pasta with garlic, Pignoli (pine) nuts, CRISP bacon, olive oil, Monterey jack cheese, and zucchini. It's great with Red wine.

Another recipe is apparently Hungarian in origin. Go to the butcher and buy a large hunk of bacon. Cut it into 3 or 4 inch cubes, and put it on a skewer as if you're making Shish Kabob. Roast it over and open fire. Prepare slices of wheat bread with diced onions and tomatoes, possibly some peppers as well. When the bacon fat starts cooking and dripping off the bacon, make the drippings fall onto the aforementioned bread. I never cared for this, but my family loves it. This will add a few inches to your waistline.


Kevin Toth

Washed Down with Dew

My parents' eating habits were pretty normal and healthy, so there were a couple of foods my sister and I were only allowed to eat at my grandmother's house. Sugar sandwiches were made by spreading butter on two pieces of wonderbread and then sprinkling on enough sugar to make the sandwich crunchy when you bit into it. Banana sandwiches were made with wonderbread, banana slices, and a thick layer of Duke's mayonnaise.

As far as I know, carrot salad was invented by my grandmother and served at every Sunday dinner, but I don't remember anyone ever eating it: grated carrots, more Duke's, and raisins all mixed together.

All of this was washed down with either Mountain Dew or sweet tea. When I think about it now, it makes me feel sick.


Chips & Flakes

I like to get the potatoe chips that are crushed at bottom of the bag and put them in a bowl, pour milk on them, and eat them like corn flakes.

Sylvia Stuart

Marmalade Cheese Sandwich

Try cheddar cheeze with a good orange marmalade (big chunky bits of peel) on toast, heated in the oven 'till the cheeze just melts. Marvelous!

Bill Earle

Peanut Butter and Mayonnaise

A peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich is the best by far!! My parents were from Pittsburgh, PA, and I grew up eating this combination--especially at bed time. Once in a while I'll eat PB&J, but then I've got to have my PB&mayo fix.

Elizabeth M. Moorhead
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hot Cream

A few years ago I was in Hawaii at a private family luau. We were all feeling goofy after waiting all day for the pig to roast in the ground. When we had dessert, it was vanilla ice cream. I asked if they had anything to go on it. They didn't. So I grabbed the hot sauce bottle and poured it over the ice cream. Everying screamed and made nasty faces. But I ate it! It tasted like butterscotch ice cream!! Try it.

Sebastopol, CA

Morrison's Burger

I don't know what to call it, but I discovered it on a trip to Morrison's Cafeteria with my grandmother many years back. First, you take a "chopped steak" (hamburger patty), cook it, toss some canned green beans, steamed white rice, a little salt, and enough heinz 57 sauce to lightly cover everything. Oh, I forgot, cut up the beef patty after cooking it. I serve this when my parents are too tired to cook, and they seem to like it, as do my friends.

Norman Stovall

Banana Sandwich

Growing up in Kalihi Valley, we always had bananas growing behind our house, so naturally we made banana sandwiches so it wouldn't go to waste. They are very delicious and healthy.

Take two slices of bread, (brown or white) spread with creamy or chunky peanut butter, they both are good. Slice ripe bananas on a slice of bread and cover with the other and enjoy.......yum! Also, if you are out of peanut butter, you can use mayo.

Another is Kim Chee with mayonnaise. Spread mayonnaise on your choice of bread, squeeze Kim Chee and pat dry with paper towels. Mince and spread on a slice of bread, cover with other slice and enjoy. I prefer the really hot and spicy Kim Chee.

Leo M.

Poor Man's Pizza

When we are a little low on cash, and we decidde not to order pizza out, this is what I do for the family... And believe it or not, THEY do EAT it. My children have actually grown up on it. Here goes:

By any store frozen pizza, then take any extras in the kitchen you may have. In our case, my husband likes: cheese, bologna, spiced lunchoen loaf, salami, any deli meat you may have. Cut these up in small peices and place on pizza, then top with cheese. the cheese may be any combination. Then cook to the frozen pizza's directions, a little longer if you have a lot of items on the pizza. Then serve with french fries. I call this "The Poor Man's Pizza".

I really enjoyed your site. Thanks for letting me submit my recipe.

Pam Podelski

Peanut Whiz Jam!

The following is my husband's favorite sandwich:

Butter two slices of whole wheat bread.
Spread on (generously) peanut butter, cheese whiz and jam.


Pickled Again!

1. I absolutely adore avocado and pickle sandwiches (the fact that I will eat pickles with anything is irrelevant). I take 2 clices of bread, mashe the avocado and spread on each slice. Then I liberally aply pickles and eat. This is also excellent with imitation crab meat. My friends turn green at the mere mention of this food.

2. This one even grosses out my mother. One of my favorite foods is anchovy jerky, pickle and bellpepper pizza (I said I eat pickles with everything). I take the anchovies and spread them on tin foil. I then bake them till all the oil is gone and I esentially have little dried filets. Then I create the pizza (note, just dough and sause, no cheese) and bake that seperately. Once the pizza is done, I arange the dried anchovies on it, add diced bell pepper and smother with pickles. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm. Good.

3. I was raised is eastern europe and food was not waisted there. I few things that I enjoyed as a child (and would still eat today were they available): the comb of a rooster, chicken feet, chicken brains, cow tongue (still one of my favorites), unformed chicken eggs (if you get a whole chicken, there are usually several eggs in various stages of developement).

4. And finally (at least untill I can think of more), I had a friend who loved to dip his garlic bread in his coffee every morning.


Strange Preparation

Here's a recipe that isn't strange for ingredients but method of preparation.

Throw a cup of wite rice in the rice cooker, along with 2 AND A HALF cups of water. Drop in a frozen, boneless, skinless chicken breast and top with a generous amount of frozen vegetables, like broccoli or cauliflower. Put the top on and start the rice cooker. When it shuts off, everything will be done to perfection.

Don M. McDonald
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