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Now is the season for a combination of food called Forramatur, it's what our ancestors ate when there were no fridgerators etc..It consist of almost all parts of the sheep: the balls, head, liver, the blood boiled, and all the rest. Shark that has been let rot in the ground for some months. Dried fish, that's actually very good. This can be eaten fresh or kept in sour (whey) for months.

Kveoja, Sylvia

A True Wisconsinite

It is really great to find out that there are many that like peanut butter and mayo (I actually prefer Miracle Whip) sandwiches. My boyfriend thinks I'm disgusting when I eat it.

I have a 'snack' that my Grandmother used to give us when we visited her at their farm. It was stale, dry bread (any variety, even toast) spread with saved bacon grease (it was cold) and sprinkled with salt and/or pepper. She called it schmalz brot (not sure of the spelling but believe it is German). We absolutely loved it. Now, however, I have to watch the fat content in my diet. ;-)

One of my favorite breakfasts is French Toast (best using thick sliced homemade bread) with peanut butter spread on it, while it is still hot so the PB melts, and then SMOTHERED in maple syrup. Absolutely heavenly!!!

I have other odd recipes, but shall save them for later.

A true Wisconsinite!

Sweet B

Two slices of bread.
Spread them with either butter, lard, or shortening.
(whatever you have on hand)
Slice a banana thin and put on the bread.
Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon put together and enjoy!

Believe It or Not

A glass of either sweet or buttermilk with cornbread crumbled in. An iced tea spoon is helpful in eating it from the glass.

What ever bread you like with peanut butter, mayonnaise and "kosher" dill pickle slices.

Cooked white rice with mayonnaise and caraway seed mixed in.

Believe it or not they are all good!

No longer a youngster.

Breakfast of Mampions

I didn't make this one up, I learned it from a friend years ago and to this day still eat it:

Fried Cornflakes

Melt butter in a pan, add cornflakes (I also add salt) and saute until they turn lightly toasted........great for breakfast after a night out. (Make sure you have coffee, tea or something to wash them down with)


Egg Coffee

I have been brewing coffee for years using a raw egg in the grounds. It really makes a great cup of coffee. "Note: You must use a paper filter for this. It can be very messy."

Also, my wife likes to soak up the blood from the serving tray with white bread when serving rare beef.

McChoco Fries

My parents used to take my sister and I to McDonald's a couple times a week. Our favorite thing to do there was to order fries and a chocolate milkshake. We'd stuff a french fry down the straw and then suck it out, dragging the chocolate shake along with it. The result was this cool sort of cold chocolate-coated potato thing.

Repeat until the fries are gone.

Robert Orenstein

Wifey in Texas

This sounded horrible to me for many years, but once I gave it a try I liked it too ... nice and sweet. Mix peanut butter and syrup together until it is the consistency you like ... my hubby likes his thick and I like mine a little thinner. He dips bread into his mixture and munches, and I simply eat mine with a spoon ....... great for that "sweet tooth" when there's really nothing in the house to satisfy it.

Another one that my hubby just loves (and I have to this day been unable to even try) is to put sugar on his rice. He always does this, even if the rice is for supper. Hmmm. He eats this for breakfast sometimes as if it were oatmeal, or something.

My Favorite

I would like to add my favorite sandwich to your book. In this, or any order you like:

Slice of bread
peanut butter
slice of bread

Mike Burwell

Insane Family

I have to start by saying, these are a compilation of recipies from our friends and family...in-law.

1) Taco Bell Bean Burrito with Maple Syrup and 5 tablespoons Miracle Whip

2) white bread
chunky peanut butter
miracle whip
maple syrup
white bread
(serve with milk, trust me)

3) Crack Snack - 2 Star Crunch waifers, and a Snicker's bar, smashed together

4) This was by default, since my sister and I were on a road trip with our high school band, but we forgot the spoons!
Single Serving Chocolate or Tapioca puddings
1 bag Dorrito's Nacho Cheese (NOT ranch, trust us, OMG!)
Scoop 'N Serve

5) This one comes from the in-laws:
Grilled cheese, medium cheddar, sandwich, LOTS O CHEESE
In a bowl and smothered with applesauce.
Cut up the sandwich and dip it in a cup of tomato soup
Make sure to include the applesauce when you dip it!
(Use a spoon. Forks suck for this one.)

6) Scrambled eggs a'la Fatass
8 eggs, scrambled
While scrambling, add 3 oz. cream cheese,
2 tablespoons sour cream,
1/4 Burgundy wine,
Top with 2 oz. sharp cheddar,
Hot sauce,
And a pat 'o cream cheese.

7) Best Thanksgiving Ever!
1 10-pc bucket (cold)
Then reheated in microwave
KFC Original Nasty

8) Christmas Salad Puke-o-rific (thanks you Mom-in-law for the ENTIRE MEAL)
1 pkg pistachio Jello pudding (as directed, WHOLE milk)
1 entire jar marachino cherries
1/2 bag coconut flakes
1 entire can crushed pineapple
1 entire jar marshmallow creme
Topped with REAL whipped cream and thick-sliced bananas
Run to bathroom and purge, purge, purge!

The Gates Gang, still puking after all this time


I love the page! You know what? Laverne was not crazy--pepsi and milk is really good.

Odd Eats

I eat a few odd things.

When nothing in the house looks interesting I'll sprinkle a few saltine crackers with lemon juice. That always goes good while reading a book. My father used to give me hot water and milk as a comfort drink. A little milk in the bottom of a cup, fill the cup with boiling water. It scalds the milk, changes the taste a bit. Add sugar to sweeten. My most favorite strange food is smoked strawberries. It improves the flavor to be young and hungry. Raid the strawberry patch. Place strawberries on stick in the smoke from a bonfire. Eat when warm and smoke flavored. Rhubarb dipped in a cup of sugar is also great kid food. I used to carry one of the round bunny salt licks in my jeans pocket all summer to go with green apples. At our house the rule was no more than three green apples at a time. I never got sick on them. I also remember that when I was pregnant I ate lumps of laundry starch. The kid is getting is about to become a doctor of something I can't pronounce so I guess it didn't hurt her!

Swedish Delights

- make lasagna, but use plain potato chips instead of lasagna noodles

- eat vanilla ice cream with melted butter and crushed cheese doodles or popcorn

- make oatmeal and add lots of melted butter, a pinch if salt and chocolate chips


E.C.// Sweden

Guatemalan Rocky Mountain Ceviche

My local market, run by Guatemalans, has begun to offer ceviche made from rocky mountain oysters. Thought you'd like to know. I cannot understand what they call it, but they say it's the same as the fish. Raw, cut up in little chucks, soaked in lemon juice and onions and chile powder. This is in Highland Park, CA

Scott Rubel

French Onion Dip Casserole

What I like to eat is Lipton's French Onion Soup Mix and Sour Cream -- Classic Onion Dip. You then take Lay's Plain Potato Chips or Frito's and mash them into the onion dip. You then eat it with a spoon. The more, the better. I used to see how many bags I could cram into a bowl of onion dip when I was a kid. My mouth is watering.

Potted Meat Mess

When I was a boy living in Tennessee, I had the pleasure being served this and have loved it ever since.

Potted Meat Mess: 2-Scrambled Eggs (with milk, salt and pepper) 1-Hand full of Crackers 1-Can Armour Potted Meat (or your favorite brand)

In a frying pan add a little cooking oil and allow to heat on medium heat. In a bowl add 2 eggs, a splash of milk, salt, pepper (to taste). Crumble enough crackers soak up most of the liquid. Usually 1 handful will do the trick. Stir.

Empty bowl into frying pan and fry like you normally would scrambled eggs. When completely cooked, empty eggs/crackers mix onto plate. Then add the potted me to the plate.

Stir well and enjoy!!

Tim Wells
Chatsworth, GA

Kool-Aid Dip

When I was a kid one of my favorite things to eat was plain white bread dipped in Kool-Aid.

My 3 Favorite Sandwiches:

Thick layers of peanut butter spread on 2 slices of white bread, with bananas sliced lengthwise in between. When I was first married I put a peanut butter and banana sandwich in my husband's lunch box. When he came home in the evening, he said, "I don't know what that was that you put in my lunch, but it tasted rotten and I had to throw it away!" There are those of us who will only eat bananas that are still green and hard, while I like mine so ripe that other people might consider them rotten.

Sandwiches with any kind of bread, rolls or biscuits, generously spread with thick peanut butter, gobs of grape jelly and crisp fried bacon strips. Yummy!

Just a plain sandwich on white bread made with peanut butter and margarine, but not completely blended together. Leave small globs and streaks of margarine in the peanut butter. Plain tuna fish and margarine reacts the same way as peanut butter and margarine. The margarine enhances or changes the flavor, and gives to both a rich creamy taste that you just want to hold on your tongue and savor. It literally melts in your mouth.

A Breakfast Special

My friend from New York really enjoys these a lot, me I think there gross. You take a Kaiser roll put Mayo on it top with bacon and sausage, then you put 2 eggs sunny side up with cheese on them and last top with ketup. Flatten an eat. GROSS!!

My special is a banana sandwich - Two slices of white (works best), one banana and Mayo. Taste Great and vegetarians love it!!


Fluffer Chip Sandwich

You have to use a toaster oven or regular oven for this. Not a toaster.

Take 2 slices of white bread and lightly toast them. Spread marshmallow fluff on one slice of bread and peanut butter on the other. Then sprinkle some chocolate chips on both sides. Place in the oven or toaster oven for a few minutes to melt the chocolate. Put the bread together. Be careful, it will be hot. Enjoy...and please be kind to animals!


Rocky Mountain Oysters

I grew up on a ranch in northeastern Wyoming. Every year during branding season, which is during the end of May and first part of June, my father was in charge of supplying the food and drinks. His food always consisted of Rocky Mountain Oysters which were supplied fresh at the scene when he cut the calves. He would always light the fire for the branding irons, which was in a metal cylinder lying vertical supported by four legs. He would then put the irons in the fire and wait for them to get hot and we would start branding.

As the branding continued, he would cut the calf and then through the "oysters" onto the top of the cylinder and cook them. I loved the way they tasted! Every year, it was a fight as to how many you could get because everyone wanted them. My father was a master chef when it came to Rocky Mountain Oysters. He would cook them until they were burnt on the outside and warm on the inside.

However, he would also set aside his own stash to take home in water. One time, he was frying up the remainder of what was left over from branding. My best friend and I were downstairs working on homework and I remember smelling the oysters. Ohh, they smelled good and Wendy could smell them too. I lied and told her he was cooking tenderloin or something and she wanted some. I brought a few downstairs and without looking from the computer, she took a piece and ate it. She said that she thought it tasted like chicken and when she looked over, she went pale and demanded to know what was on the plate. She spent 10 minutes rinsing her mouth out after that and to this day has never let me forget this small incident. I'm still laughing, but miss those perfectly cooked Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Rebecca Maycock

Chicken Feet

I just love these foods and maybe you could use them. Boil chicken feet then quickly cool peel and make sure you get the toe nail off reboil in water with a little salt. This comes out quite gooey like a paste (do not use paper napkins). Necks take awhile to cook boil till tender salt optional. Any poultry's neck will do. Ox Tail Stew use a normal beef soup base one recipe I saw had tomatoes in it allthough I prefer it without. I like garlic, pepper and onions in mine. Simmer for two hours and add veggies to preference. Vinegar Punch water enough vinegar for taste load with brownsugar top off with cinnamon or nutmeg or both.

Honey Pepperoni

My daughter and I have found that honey on piping hot pepperoni is DA BOMB! It gives it a sweet n ' spicy flavor. It also makes for sticky fingers, but worth it!


This sounds wierd, but it's really good -- equal parts vanilla soymilk and grapefruit juice mixed together -- an ex-roommate turned me on to this years ago. Childhood favorites of mine include: As many Fritos as you can shove into your chicken or tuna sandwich; biting both ends off a Red Vine licorice stick and using it as a straw for milk; and mixing MANY spoonfuls of Quick into vanilla ice cream until you have a dark brown milkshake swimming in the bowl.

Buttermilk & Pretzels

My mom ate this when she was younger and now we eat it. Everyone is just grossed out by it, but we think it's just delicious. You basically eat it like a cereal, put the pretzels in a bowl (rold gold mini twists are the best) and then pour buttermilk on them. I usually eat it with a big soup spoon to get a lot of buttermilk, YUM!!!!

Peanut Butter & Garlic Sandwich

Being a both a PB and Garlic fanatic, I decided to see what they would taste like together, I was pleasantly surprised. Just put a think slab of PB on some bread and sprinkle granulated garlic or garlic salt on it.

Lindsey B. --- California

Southern Munchies

1) I'm from the south, and cornbread is a staple. I like leftover cornbread (stale) crumbled in milk...I prefer regular milk, but some like buttermilk! Eat with a spoon!

2) Dressing sandwich....takecold leftover stuffing from turkey, slice and place between two slices of bread spread with mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard....whatever. YUM!

3) I have a friend who crumbles potato chips over ice cream (she says it takes the place of nuts)

4) I like slaw dawgs... Take a weiner, boil, meantime warm hotdog buns, lightly spread mustard on either side of the bun, slice weiner lengthwise, place on the bun, pile cole slaw on top....YUM (generally eaten with a fork!)

5) I like hot dogs with a mixture of mustard and picante sauce as condiments.

6) I like mustard gravy over biscuits. Make cream gravy, add "screaming yellow" prepared mustard (French's for instance)....to taste...serve immediately over warm biscuits!


Houston, TX

Salt Water Macarel & Spuds


My family is from the South, Gulf Coast Florida. I can remember that in the Summer time when I would stay with my grandparents, we would eat Salt Water Macarel and boiled potatoes for breakfast. Imagine, boiled fish, and boiled potatoes for breakfast. Oh yah, the potatoes were served with vinegar on top. No toast.

James Kanel
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Swiss Cheese and Sweet Pickles

I was making my lunch and got the munchies and took Swiss cheese and spread mayo on it and then put sweet pickles on it, rolled it up, and ate it. It's really delicious! Now I'm going to try putting it on whole wheat bread.

Michelle Sexton

Odd Eats

I have a few recipes I would like to share.

While at a restaurant in Amherst, Massachusetts, I sampled a plate of fried pickles. They were dill pickles dipped in beer batter and deep fried. Oddly enough, they were pretty interesting.

While vacationing in London, I enjoyed a regular deep dish pizza at Pizza Hut with sweet yellow corn baked on top. Fabulous!

Finally, from my childhood, I still love to make Banana Sandwiches for breakfast. Toast and butter two slices of fresh bread. Slice a raw banana and place between the slices. Enjoy!


Soy & Pepper Sauce

I suggest putting soy sauce & pepper or soy sauce and ketchup on scrambled eggs. I can't stand 'em without it. Tamari sauce will work if you are out of soy.

Also we put cottage cheese on top of our spaghetti sauce.

I knew someone who put maple syrup on cottage cheese. I tried it and always eat it that way now. Sometimes I will even mix pepper with it too.

Gerry in Ohio

Anything with Peanut Butter

I will eat most anything with peanut butter. A sandwich always starts with butter covered with peanut butter (it doesn't stick to your mouth that way) on one slice of bread and put anything you want on it next. My favorites L,PB,T (lettuce, peanut butter, tomato & mayonnaise), Grilled cheese with crunchy peanut butter (YUM)! My Uncle liked PB and liverwurst... Also, baloney & PB. Always best on Potato bread. Anybody ever had a PB and Rutabaga sandwich? Pretty good........


Pickles & Dip

My strange food combo is:

1) Dill pickles (whole, halved or speers)

2) Mayonaise

Use the pickle to dip into the mayo and eat. Lip Smakin' good.



Crack open two eggs in a bowl and add a little milk, and then beat it together. Soak two pieces of cinnamon-raisin bread in the egg mixture. Melt margarine (lots of it!) in a frying pan and then add the egg-soaked bread. Brown on both sides. Meanwhile, cut up some cheddar cheese thinly. Put the cheese between the French toast and leave it in the pan for a while with the flame off, just to melt the cheese. You may want to use a knife and fork to eat it.

That's it...YUMMY!!!!

New York

Ripe Toast

I have always loved hot buttered toast with a very ripe avacado spread thick with salt and pepper for breakfast.. yum!!

My husband likes a sandwich of peanutbutter & jelley with bologna. Yuk...


German Death

Ok, the first one IS NOT MINE, it's my husband's, but u can have it. Only HE would eat THIS STUFF. YEEEECH!

He makes a sandwich (if you wanna call it that), with 2 slices of BROWN BREAD, buttered, then he layers that with pieces of OLD SHARP CHEDDAR (shudder). If that wasn't bad enuf, he then pours on MOLASSES.

He calls it "German food," but I think it would kill a german.

Okay, I used to do this next one as a kid, and I almost lost my best friend over it. Thankfully she was on the phone while I was enjoying it.

Pour GRAPE pop into your HOT CHOCOLATE, (Amounts are irrelevant here, who would actually try this? Oh ya... I did, but that was in HIGH SCHOOL). Funny thing was, it tasted good then.

Have a good day! Disclaimer: not responsible for hospitalization, etc., as a direct or indirect result of foolishly trying these recipes.



Squiggley Legs

We cook the crab or lobster and carefully take the back off. On the crab, remove gills and the squiggley white stuff and yard out. All the rest you can eat, except the eyes & mouth area. It's best when still warm. Lobster you can eat the green liver--lobster butter it is called, yum! Same goes for shrimp and prawns. Early spring you get the added bonus of egg clusters on the shrimp & prawns. On the shrimp, their legs are so small we just eat them along with the eggs. Pure heaven!!!!

:) jyone scotani

Irish Treats

Couple for you.

My parents sometimes have something they call Pinade, possibly a leftover from the war, rationing etc.

After a cup of tea, break a round of loaf into the cup, sugar to taste, cover with tea (no milk) and eat with a spoon.

When I was little I used to delight in making colourful food (wife doesn't let me now!).

favourite was a concoction that went with sausages, bacon, steak, any meat really. Consisted of: mashed potato, mashed carrot and swede, tomato sauce, HP (brown) sauce, butter and beetroot. Mashing the lot together gave a very satisfing purplish colour - tastes wonderful too.

JD (N. Ireland)

Quick Wrap

I used to want a quick snack so I would place a piece of processed cheese on a piece of bologna wrapped around a pickle with Catsup on it and eat........Yum

New York Specials

I love your "Outrageous Recipes" website! Here's some of mine:

- Peanut butter and Miracle Whip on potato bread (a variation on the traditional PB and mayo sandwich). Also try this with a little maple syrup on it.

- American cheese, pickle slices, and Miracle Whip on potato bread. This one was invented during "poor times". Necessity really is the mother of invention! Another recipe invented during that time was adding sour cream to plain old spagetti and sauce; it adds some texture and creaminess.

- Here's one passed down from my grandmother: Mix 1 package of cream cheese with 1 pint of sour cream with finely chopped onions. Eat as a spread on bread. YUMMY but gives you monster breath!!

- Here's one I invented as a child: cream cheese and bologna on white bread. My mother used to think it was gross!

New York

Mayonaise & Ketchup Frosting

One of my favorite childhood treats was white bread soaked in milk. I also enjoy a Ritz cracker with peanut butter and hamburger sliced pickles. One of my cousin's favorite foods is a marshmallow fluff and mustard sandwich. And the only cake my brother will eat is chocolate cake with mayonaise and ketchup "frosting". I have another cousin who will only eat her steak raw. We are a weird family.

Toasted Peanut Butter and Vegemite Sandwich

I learned to love this one while living and working in New Zealand. Mind you, most Kiwi's and North Americans think I'm crazy to combine the two, but it makes a great sandwich that doesn't spoil in the heat.


1) Crunchy Peanut Butter - fresh type is best
2) Vegemite - a yeast spread that is VERY salty
3) Two slices Heavy Grain Bread - more chew to it

Toast your bread. Spread P.B. on one slice and Vegemite on the other. Adding butter first is nice too. Slap 'em together and enjoy!


Trudy Soucoup

Salty Coffee

Sprinkling some salt along with cream in coffee can really enhance the flavor! It may seem gross, but it all started when I accidentally put salt in the coffee instead of sugar. The two are stored in two jars that are the same: small, pink and semi-transparent. My mom sees me drink this and she grosses out. I think it's yummy!


Pork Fu

One of my favorite snacks is crackers (any type of cracker will do) with cream cheese topped with Pork Sung. Pork Sung, a.k.a. Pork Fu, is a product available at Asian groceries, and is sort of the illegitimate child of bacon and fiberglass insulation, but far more appetizing than that makes it sound. This is also good with brindza instead of regular cream cheese; I make brindza in a fairly non-traditional manner by combining cream cheese with either mashed-up feta or parmesan/romano and a great deal of hot Hungarian paprika and, if I feel like it, garlic and/or onion powder. Of course, Pork Sung is great by itself, straight out of the jar...

--Tim Bender

Dedicated Southerner

I love to cook and I love Louisiana hot sauce. It is very good on peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Try it! Dedicated Southerner.

Cottage cheese & Chili Cheese Fritos

Use the cottage cheese as a dip. It is great!!

-- Dorrito Chips
-- Red Devil (Louisiana Hot Sauce)
-- lemon
-- sprinkle the Red Devil and lemon over Dorritos

That Stuff I Like

I was practically raised by my Grandmother. She's a very Unique woman in many ways. And very diverse also. She used to make this concoction ...of what she called...."The Stuff I Like" and she used to eat every last bit of it. Well, here u go...It may sound strange...But it's really good...basicaly it's cookie dough:


About 1 cup Flour
1/2 stick of butter
Some Brown Sugar to taste


Hot Doggin'

This is actually a very good snack, but if I even mention it to my co-workers they flip out. Just boil a package of hot dogs, split them down the middle, place mashed potatoes in the middle, and top with cheeze, pop them in the microwave untill cheeze is melted.


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